Issues and Projects Mitch Is Interested In...

IKEA Foundation, UNHCR and the Refugee Housing Project

Tents just don't provide adequate shelter for displaced refugees. Cloth and canvass simply do not last very long in extreme climatic conditions. Now designers and engineers are fighting back with intelligent architectural and materials innovations. The IKEA Foundation announced recently that it has worked with the United Nations Refugee Agency to develop sturdy and sustainable housing for environmental and political refugees.


For over a year and a half Mr. Chester worked with others to get surplus portable classrooms to Haiti in the aftermath of the January, 2010 earthquake. Though the project,, was not successful due to logistical issues, the IKEA project has re-kindled his interest in viable emergency housing solutions. IKEA's innovation simplifies daunting logistical challenges and incorporates high tech solutions to an age-old problem of frail tents.


The IKEA/United Nations High Commissioner For Refugee emergency housing project is worthy of serious consideration and discussion as it can have many different applications, including emergency housing following hurricane and other weather threats facing the United States. It can also be a solution for the estimated 300,000 Haitians who still live in tent camps as of 2013.


For more information, visit the IKEA Foundation, here.

Sea Level Rise and Property Values in Florida

Learn more about High Tide On Main Street, and learn why everyone needs to understand the science of sea level rise in relation to property values. Click here.

Clearly one of the most important books one can read in 2013 is "High Tide On Main Street."  Mr. Chester has reached out to noted author John Englander, who spent four years studying and writing about "Rising sea level and the coming coastal crisis." That on-going dialogue has prompted concerns that our legal system is not prepared for what nature has in store for Florida, and shores beyond.


Already, across Southeastern Florida, higher sea level is manifesting itself as an extremely expensive economic challenge. Western Miami Beach and intracoastal Fort Lauderdale are but two examples of the early warnings provided by a changing coast line. These encroached venues are just the tip of the iceberg, as sea level rise (SLI) is also the crucial cultural, political, demographic and social issue of this new century and beyond.


From a lawyer's perspective, SLR creates serious issues for property owners, developers, local governments and businesses. Many of the ramifications are just being recognized. The impact of SLR is starting to have on ​your financial future, and that of your children's, requires education, awareness and action...right now.


As a litigator, Mr. Chester is committed to undrestanding how the legal system will deal with this worldwide trend and to developing legal strategies to deal with what is arguably the most important issue of your family's near and long-term economic future.